Urban Farming in Seattle – Get ready to go berry picking!

Community gardens have been a standard in neighborhoods across Seattle for years. Neighbors come together to grow food, and each community garden adds to the city’s many green spaces that keep Seattle beautiful.

But have you heard of the “food forest” in the works? Starting with 2 acres – and soon growing to 7 – Beacon Hill has set aside land on the west side of Jefferson Park, where locals will be able to “pick apples, plums and other crops right from the branch.”

You may be wondering what a food forest is. The Beacon Food Forest (BFF), the group designing and implementing this project, explains:

A Food Forest is a gardening technique or land management system that mimics a woodland ecosystem but substitutes in edible trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. Fruit and nut trees are the upper level, while below are berry shrubs, edible perennials and annuals. Companions or beneficial plants are included to attract insects for natural pest management while some plants are soil amenders providing nitrogen and mulch. Together they create relationships to form a forest garden ecosystem able to produce high yields of food with less maintenance.

The BFF received word last December from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods/ P-Patch Program that they would have $100,000 to jumpstart the project. Keep your eyes peeled for more developments! Next spring, the community gardens up on Beacon Hill should be yielding a harvest – and in another two or three years, we’ll be able to go berry and fruit picking year round!

To learn more about BFF or to join in, contact them here.

This blog post was informed by the following resources:
Beacon Hill Blog
Seattle Times

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